The United States and the Netherlands selected us as the only Uruguayan company at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019, a great commitment. An event that brought together 88 entrepreneurial and technological innovation companies from 40 countries. This time we focused on our strengths, Energy and Water. We participated in roundtables, sharing information and showing the benefits of our applied biotechnology in these two areas. We were 100% aligned with the strategy and values ​​of the event, Reduce, Recycle, Restore. We explained that nature has the answer and that we study it, try to understand it and help it to heal itself using its own resources and even using some waste as raw material for rehabilitation. We were invited to the Excellencies & Entrepreneurs dinner organized by the ONL voor Ondernemers, the leading entrepreneurship organization in the Netherlands, an honor. Profoundly grateful to the Ambassador of Uruguay in the Netherlands and his diplomatic corps for their courtesies.

Definitely working to create a better world!

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