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Youth Olympic Games

Buenos Aires 2018

Puerto Madero - Dykes 2 & 3


Youth Olympic Games - Buenos Aires 2018.

Puerto Madero, dykes 2 & 3.


The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA) was selected as the venue for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games. During this event, world-class athletes competed in all sports disciplines.


Those of greater participation and attractiveness are disputed in open air areas, where the athletes maintain direct contact with the environment and its natural elements, among the most popular, the marathon, triathlon, pentathlon, canoeing and cycling stand out.


In Puerto Madero, dykes 2 & 3 where selected for canoeing competitions.

Environmental Problems

Dykes presented high levels of physical and bacteriological parameters, possibly due to the influence of fluids from port areas and city discharges. During application, climatic events such as heavy storms and aggressive temperature changes, caused Rio de la Plata to increase its levels and flood the dykes, making it difficult to work and caused the proliferation of algae.


Through continuous monitoring by the awarded company and under our technical advice, specific doses of Biodeclean 5000 were applied to control algal blooms, eliminate odors, adapt bacteriological parameters and clarify water, without affecting the existing fauna.

Initial status
Application & algae treatment
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